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 Annabelle Mitch

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PostSubject: Annabelle Mitch   Annabelle Mitch EmptySat May 15, 2010 9:07 pm

Name; Annabelle Mitch
Species; Werewolf
Appearance; Annabelle Mitch Girl_2
Personality; Stubborn, Crazy, Bitter-sweet
Biography; Annabelle grew up in an orphanage with her twin brother Tray. They ran away and continuously moved from every school because they either didn't accpe them or found out their secrets. They moved to Hawthorne this year hoping for the best and they got it. They got frands and a new place to stay. Until.. Tray died. Since then Annabelle has been.. crazed. She is constantly fighting or arguing. She doesn't back down. She swears to see her brother in her dreams and sometimes outside of her dreams. She can only hear him talk when she dreams. She knows he's watching over her. She just wishes he was back with her..
Special Abilities; She can read people's feelings.
Likes; Peanut butter, sleeping, getting anger out
Dislikes; Abigail Lovely., being alone
Fears; Pirates and Unicorns will unite and take over the world then the unicorns poke people with their horns til the person bleeds and the pirates suck their bloooooooodddd!!!!!!!! And snakes.
Extras; Chica Pow! Nope. Cyclops.
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Annabelle Mitch
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