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 Leah Watson.

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Beautiful Tragedy
Beautiful Tragedy

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PostSubject: Leah Watson.   Leah Watson. EmptyFri May 14, 2010 6:45 pm

Name; Leah Watson.
Age; 17.
Species; Vampire.
Leah Watson. Img-thing?
Personality; Evil, Sweet when she wants to be, Manipulator, Mysterious, Secretive.
Biography; December was convinced that Leah wasn't always evil. In fact, Leah might have been nice before she ever laid her eyes on Andrew. But if it was ever there.. it's definitely gone now. If there's one thing that everyone knows.. it's that Leah loves to kill. Ever since she was turned, Leah's been picking the immortals off one by one.
Special Abilities; Leah can teleport and read minds.
Likes; Dracula, Killing, Seeing others cry, Reading.
Dislikes; Idiots, Elevator music, Humans, Old people.
Fears; Leah fears nothing but being alone.
Extras; Leah is the reason that most of the students at Hawthorne are dead.
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Leah Watson.
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