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 Alexander Sterling.

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PostSubject: Alexander Sterling.   Alexander Sterling. EmptyFri May 14, 2010 6:26 pm

Name; Alexander Sterling.
Age; Appears 18.
Species; Ghost.
Alexander Sterling. Alex
Personality; Girl Magnet, Flirt, Sweet, Sarcastic.
Biography; Alexander Sterling was probably one of the first ghosts in Hawthorne. He's been on this Earth for quite a long time, and nobody's ever quite sure how long that is. Alexander is known as the 'Girl Magnet'. Everywhere he goes, don't be surprised when a whole pack of girls follow. Maybe it's just a ghost thing.. or maybe not.
Alexander has always been quite close to Zaira. But he never realized that she had feelings for him. The one thing that troubles him is.. he doesn't know if he has feelings for her too. Though it looks like he's about to find out.
Special Abilities; He doesn't usually say anything about his powers, but he's capable of a lot of things most people can't do.
Likes; The dark, Night, Ice cream, Girls.
Dislikes; Cameras, Wizards, Death.
Fears; Girls' purses, and Zaira's backpack.
Extras; He doesn't realize that he's related to Ellery and December.

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Alexander Sterling.
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