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oh, how lovely


 December Montello.

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PostSubject: December Montello.   December Montello. EmptyFri May 14, 2010 6:10 pm

Name; December Montello.
Age; Appears 16.
Species; Vampire.
December Montello. 2iqzxqb
Personality; Sweet, Funny, Has no sense of direction, Usually quiet, Stubborn, Violent, Protective, Has a Bit of a Temper.
Biography; There are two types of people in the world. The good, and the bad. But would a vampire necessarily be classified as 'good'? December tried her best to be all she could. She promised not to drink from humans, she tried not to fight with all those crazy werewolves. Heck, she even tried to make friends with some of the worst people. But now, December's convinced that's not enough. After accidentally losing her control and drinking a bunch of blood from the head cheerleader, December's beginning to thirst for human blood. She wants it so much.. and even when Leah tries to convince her that it's a vampire's true nature.. there's still that one part of her that wants to hold onto her humanity just a little longer. She loves Andrew, and that's the reason she's trying to keep all of this from him. She doesn't want him to become afraid of her. Because maybe.. she wasn't destined to be the good little vampire after all.
Special Abilities; December has the gift of emotions. She feeds off of other's emotions and feelings, and can easily manipulate anyone's mood. But sometimes she loses control of her own emotions.
Sometimes she can copy someone else's ability [like Andrew's map].
Likes; Fights, Scary movies, Andrew, Neon colors, Rain, Dancing, Blood, Annoying the crap out of Ellery, Jackets.
Dislikes; Math, Cheerleaders, Most humans and werewolves, Human food, Big crowds, Not knowing where she's going.
Fears; Becoming evil or becoming human again.
Extras; Nahh; nothingg important.
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December Montello.
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