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 Ellery Berton

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a silent love

a silent love

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PostSubject: Ellery Berton   Ellery Berton EmptyFri May 14, 2010 5:45 pm

Name; Ellery Berton
Age; Appears to be 16, though her real age is unknown
Species; Daylighter Vampire
Appearance; Ellery Berton Img-thing?
Personality; Bubbly/Shy/Quirky/Funny/Can-Be-Sarcastic/Optimist/Cute/Girly/Flirty
Biography; Ellery Berton is the younger sister of December Montello and Alexander Sterling. She fell in love with Anthony Anderson, but after being kidnapped, he ran away. She hasn't seen him since, and her heart is left in pieces. Jake has been the one who's come around to pick up the pieces and glue them back together, but Ellery feels she can't trust anyone after what happened with Anthony. She feels like she gave him a piece of her heart, but he never gave her a piece of his, so now she feels like she isn't whole inside anymore. She's very close to her sister and the two do almost everything together. She and Andrew, December's boyfriend, have an interesting relationship. It seems like one minute they're arguing over something pointless, then the next she's pegging him with gummy worms and they're laughing together. Nobody really understands their relationship and nobody can tell how they see each other. She's trying to move on and step by step she's learning to deal with her heartache and trust once again.
Special Abilities; Ellery has the ability to mimic and double the intensity of any ability, manipulate emotions, hear thoughts, form telepathic links with people, and tell if a person is good at heart.
Likes; Mr.Fuzzy, Anthony, Bedazzlers, Sparkles, Glitter, Pink, Leather Jackets, Dances, Rain, Romantic Comedies, Hapy Endings, True Love, Vampires, Sunsets, Gummy Worms, and Hot Chocolate
Dislikes; Frank, Leah, Sad Endings, Crying, Broken Hearts, Waking Up Early, Preps, Bossy People, Being Told To Move On, Un-Loyal People, and Lying
Fears; Heights, Her Past, and Abandonment
Extras; < Mr.Fuzzy [Imagine him with bedazzled paws]

I am in fact an outspoken, contradicting, know-it-all, thank you for noticing..♥️
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Ellery Berton
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