To Capture a Heart.

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oh, how lovely


 Zella Taylor

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a silent love

a silent love

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PostSubject: Zella Taylor   Zella Taylor EmptySun Sep 12, 2010 4:12 pm

Name; Zella Taylor
Age; 17
Species; Human
Appearance; Zella Taylor Img-thing?
Personality; Strange, outgoing, funny, quirky, sarcastic, bright
Biography; --
Special Abilities; she's a human..
Likes; Klondike bars, dancing, TV, the color orange
Dislikes; falling, lime popsicles, the color purple
Fears; death
Extras; --

I am in fact an outspoken, contradicting, know-it-all, thank you for noticing..♥️
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Zella Taylor
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