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 Scarlett Kingsley

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a silent love

a silent love

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Name; Scarlett Liberty Kingsley
Age; 16
Species; Phantom Witch
Appearance; Scarlett Kingsley Img-thing?
Personality; Quiet, brave, daring, funny, quirky, stubborn
Biography; Scarlett Kingsley is a powerful young witch. She's part of an elite society of witches with shadow blood. She has all of the abilities of a witch and all of the abilities of a phantom. Scarlett lost her mother when she was 7 years old. No one knows for sure what her mother was or how she died, simply because Scarlett won't tell. Some believe that Scarlett's silence means that she had something to do with it, but they couldn;t be more wrong. Scarlett's father loves her very much though she rarely mentions him. With Hawthorne on the verge of war, the ultimate choice for Scarlett is which side will she join?
Special Abilities; Scarlett has all of the powers of a witch along with the abilities of a phantom. She has a special cloak that allows her to pass through walls, objects, and people, and become completely invisable. She can also posses another human form (which means as long as you look human, she can posses you)
Likes; Orange popsicles, hot fudge sundaes, hugs, laughter
Dislikes; Questions, kiwi, flowers
Fears; tragedy, goldfish
Extras; --

I am in fact an outspoken, contradicting, know-it-all, thank you for noticing..♥️
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Scarlett Kingsley
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