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oh, how lovely


 Kari Carter.

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PostSubject: Kari Carter.   Kari Carter. EmptyWed Sep 08, 2010 5:42 pm

This will be my fifth character!! But, it's not like I ever use Alexander or Violet anymore.
And I don't normally use Leah unless I'm feeling evil.

Name; Kari Monroe Carter. [ aka; Fire]
Age; Appears 17, She doesn't like to tell you her real age.
Species; Half Vampire.
Appearance; --
Personality; Crazy, Bubbly, Outgoing, Will do anything on a dare, Fun, Sweet, Different, Easily offended.
Biography; Kari. Kari. Kari. Kari hates her name, which is why she specifically insists that everyone call her Fire. It was an old nickname her younger sister gave her when she was 3, after she accidentally lit the entire Christmas tree on fire. Her mother was a human, who soon died after her birth because of a 'car accident' although she highly doubts the story to be true. Her father is a vampire, who claims that he is somewhat evil and always sends Fire a new pair of socks for her birthday. Truthfully, Fire comes from a rather large and strange family. Which is why she hardly ever talks about them much less answer their annoying phone calls. She came to Hawthorne to get away from her seven sisters and three brothers, who make it their job to annoy the hell out of her. She always thought getting away would be good. But Hawthorne is quite possibly the worst place to go to get away.
Special Abilities; She can control fire.. o_x !
Likes; Little kids, Dying her hair different colors to match her outfits, PB&J sandwiches, Anything with peanut butter on it for that matter, hugs.
Dislikes; Cherry popsicles, Being alone, The dark.
Fears; Zombies.
Extras; --

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Kari Carter.
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