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 Robbie Jones

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Name; Robbie Jones
Age; 18
Species; Werewolf
Appearance; Robbie Jones Shia_labeouf01-719085-760799
Personality; fun, interesting, always smiling, romatical, animal lover
Biography; Robbie was born to a rich family in hawaii 18 years ago. He was always a good looking kid growing up and had a lot of friends. When Robbie was around 14, he discovered his powers late at night and his parents found him. They sent him to a school for the gifted soon after. He escaped because he thought he was too young. Years later he decided to go back to Hawthorne Academy and now, he's ready for the challenges ahead.
Special Abilities; changing into a werewolf.
Likes; water, games, fun, interesting people, shapeshifters, love<3
Dislikes; vampires, andrew madden, hatred.
Fears; death, fire, dragons
Extras; n/a
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Robbie Jones
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