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 Violet Lee.

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Beautiful Tragedy
Beautiful Tragedy

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PostSubject: Violet Lee.   Violet Lee. EmptyWed Jul 07, 2010 2:08 pm

Name; Violet Lee. [Call her Violently and your toast.]
Age; 16 - Almost 17.
Species; Shapeshifter.
Appearance; Ahhh! Give me a second! There's only one of me.
Personality; Sweet when she wants to be, Brave, Dare-devil, Different.
Biography; Violet hates her life. She hates every single second of living, mostly because of her stupid father. He was the reason her mother was dead. He was the reason that she completely despises vampires. And he is also the reason that she is stuck in this boring boarding school full of secrets and lies. Alone for most of her life, Violet never really had any true friends. She never had any siblings to look up to. Just herself, and only herself. But maybe that will begin to change..
Special Abilities; *cough* Shapeshifter *cough*
Likes; Chocolate cake, Rain, Cartwheels, Parties.
Dislikes; Dancing, Homework, Vampires, Her English teacher.
Fears; Vampires.
Extras; Nope.

Violet Lee. Tumblr_l3x9o9oIUO1qcqdn2o1_400

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Violet Lee.
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