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 Daniel Finn

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Name; Daniel Finn
Age; 18
Species; Secretly Human, suppose to be Vampire
Appearance; Daniel Finn Kellan
Personality; Sweet until he gets angry, good at keeping secrets, quiet, involved, fighter.
Biography; Daniel has always been able to stand his own ground. He joined Leah in her forces since he was a runaway. He fooled her into thinkin he is a vampire but he's not. He knows everything about being one though! He's had to keep up with Leah but faked sick during long journeys. He can lie if he must and he's pretty good. His job is to be Leah's left hand. Needed sometimes, but not always. He's not a puppy.
Special Abilities; Running since he did track for 7 years.
Likes; Animals, Helping Leah, Fighting
Dislikes; Disatisfaction, Failure, Stupidity
Fears; Leah finding out.. God knows what she'll do.
Extras; He thinks Leah already knows he's human and is only keeping him around as a cup holder basically.
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Daniel Finn
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