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 Ryan Thorn

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Name; Ryan Thorn
Age; 17
Species; Wizard
Appearance;Ryan Thorn Chace-crawford
Personality; Ambitious//quiet//observant//strong//caring//compassionate//
Biography; Ryan was born into a somewhat wealthy family, and his parents were wizards too, so he was pretty much a full-blood wizard, for his first few years of school, he went to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where he pretty much learned every spell known to the wizarding world, and he was one of the only in the school's history to graduate three years ahead of schedule, since he excelled in all of his classes, he got out early, and once he found out about a school not too far away from his home that housed other immortals, he wanted to meet some others like him, so he decided to enroll in the school and try and act like a normal kid for as long as he could.
Special Abilities; Ryan can do pretty much any spell to come out with any result, but some take more effort than others.
Likes; Friends, keeping to himself, reading, music, dancing, books, school, learning, taking care of people he loves.
Dislikes; little kids, loud people, librarians...
Fears; Being surrounded by yelling people -.-
Extras; Not at the moment =]
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Ryan Thorn
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