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 Jacob (Jake) Sully

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PostSubject: Jacob (Jake) Sully   Jacob (Jake) Sully EmptyMon May 17, 2010 4:17 pm

Name; Jacob (Jake) Sully
Age; 17
Species; Shape-shifter
Appearance; Jacob (Jake) Sully Ryan-Reynolds301
Personality; sweet//nice//caring//daring//funny//vengeful//risk-taker//protects loved ones.
Special Abilities; He can shift into any animal, and sometimes even inanimate objects.
Likes; girls, cars, trucks, tv, popcorn, chocolate chip pop-tarts, puppies, cats, jungles, 'The Lion King', Tarzan, and pretty much any Disney movie, along with Avatar and Transformers 2 x]
Dislikes; Mean people, yelling, headaches, loud children, children in general, fake laughing, sarcastic remarks, brussel sprouts, mermaids..
Fears; Lots of them that can't be listed at this time Lovely.
Extras; Nopeee!! Cyclops.
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Jacob (Jake) Sully
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